What Are the Best Supplements for Joint Health? Factors Every Consumer Should Consider

Selecting the best supplements for joint health can be confusing for most consumers, given the huge amount of choices available to them. There are however, factors that they can look into to determine whether the product they will be purchasing will be worth every cent they will be spending.


Nutritional supplements designed to strengthen the bones and promote joint health are made from different core ingredients that number by the hundreds. Reading all these labels will be enough to make your head spin. To narrow down your choice, go for those that are made from green lipped mussels (GLM) as these are proven to be effective in relieving joint-related problems.


After you have decided that a green lipped mussel supplement is the one you are going to get, you now have to decide on the form. Will you purchase tablets, powdered supplement, gel-encapsulated oil or some other type? Taking studies about GLM published in the past few yeas into consideration, we say you should go for powdered green lipped mussel. These are some of the best supplements for joint health as they are the ones most likely to have maintained the nutritional value that can be derived from raw GLM even after final product conversion.


Researching the various brands of green lipped mussel supplements before making a purchase is important. It will benefit you to know which have undergone cooking or freezing. Both methods result in the loss of the nutrients found in raw shellfish, so you would be better off sticking to products that were manufactured without the use of either method. Stabilized supplements are also less than ideal since this process involves the use of chemical preservatives, which means that what you are getting is not as natural as it is supposed to be.

Source of mussels

Your research will also allow you to find out from which parts of the world supplement manufacturers get their green lipped mussels. These mollusks are mostly found in the waters of New Zealand, but they are also present in certain Asian countries and in Australia. The best supplements for joint health are those made from New Zealand green lipped mussels, mainly because waters in this country are known for being pristine, clean and safe. In addition, GLM growers in New Zealand make use of eco-friendly methods in growing and harvesting green lipped mussels, thereby ensuring their purity and potency.